Parent/godparent Requirements to Baptize at St. Joseph, HOM
1.  Parents must be registered members of St. Joseph, HOM for a minimum of 3 months before scheduling a Baptism. 
This requires completing a Parish Registration Form.  Parents registered in another parish wishing to baptize at St. Joseph, HOM must obtain a "Letter of Freedom" from their parish and are not required to register at St. Joseph's.  You should only register in one parish.

2.  Parents must attend the St. Joseph, HOM Parent Baptism Preparation Class and receive their certificates in order to baptize in our parish. For class dates, please stop by the parish office to pick up a requirement sheet or check the bulletin for the latest and greatest date for the class. Days and times vary by month.

3.  Godparents must attend a godparent class and give their certificate to the parents ASAP.  Parents will need this paperwork in order to make an appointment with Norma to set the baptism date.  Godparents may attend the same class as the parents at St. Joseph, HOM.  If the godparents are from out-of-town they may attend the class in the parish they are registered and forward the certificate to the parents.  See below for specific godparent requirements.

4.  Parents will need the child's "Original" Birth Certificate at the first appointment.  A copy will be made for the baptism file.  Please check the original birth certificate for any misspellings of names, etc. as the Baptism Certificate must be made out exactly as the Birth Certificate reads.  A new Birth Certificate must be issued before we can change the Baptism Certificate.

5.  When the above paperwork has been acquired, parents may call Norma (702.363.1902) for an appointment to review the paperwork, get appropriate signatures, and set a baptism date.  Do not email or fax paperwork to the parish office.

6.  We do not reserve baptism dates in advance.  All paperwork must be in before a baptism date can be set.  Therefore, do not plan a party date until you have met with Norma and all paperwork has been reviewed. 

7.  Except for medical or military emergencies all Baptisms are held on Sunday at 3:30 pm.  However, Baptisms are not held on the fifth Sunday of a month (e.g. March 31, June 30, September 29, or December 29). 

According to Canon Law, godparents must meet the following qualifications:

1.  Be at least 16 years old.
2.  A practicing Catholic who has received all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation.  One godparent MUST be a CONFIRMED Catholic. Proof of Confirmation is REQUIRED (e.g. Confirmation Certificate, sealed letter from the parish where you were confirmed no matter where in the world). If not baptized in the Catholic Church, they may be a Christian Witness: A baptized Christian of a different denomination, in good standing in their Church community.
3.  A practicing Catholic who attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.
4.  If married, current marriage must be a valid Catholic marriage.
5.  May not be co-habitating /living together without marriage.
6.  Cannot be a parent of the candidate.
7.  Must be willing to fulfill role as a godparent by "helping the baptized person to lead a Christian life."

A SJHOM godparent affidavit must be completed and returned for each godparent of those to be baptized at SJHOM.
Confirmation Certificates for the godparents must also be submitted with all other paperwork.


For more information regarding High School Confirmation please contact the Youth Coordinators, Ashley at 702.304.3035 or Tiffany at 702.304.3010.

For more information regarding adult Confirmation for those 18 & older who have already received Baptism and First Communion, please contact Greg Sinclair, Pastoral Associate, 702.304.3028.

First Eucharist

Please contact Kris Mulligan, Director of Religious Education, 702.304.3002, for information regarding the preparation of children to receive First Eucharist.

Any adults who desire to receive First Eucharist should contact Joshua Wattenbarger, RCIA Coordinator, 702.304.3005, for more information.

Please contact the Youth Coordinators, Ashley at 702.304.3035 or Tiffany at 702.304.3010, for information pertaining to the preparation of youth in 6th-12th grades to receive First Eucharist.


Please understand that St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Roman Catholic Church is NOT offering

"Destination Weddings".

Please direct these types of inquiries to Guardian Angel Cathedral, 702.735.5241.

Weddings at St Joseph, Husband of Mary Church are prayerful and beautiful occasions. To begin your preparation for a wedding at St Joseph's is to go to the Parish Office and pick up a Wedding Packet.  When the checklist is complete, please call Fr. Marc Howes at 702.363.1902 who will set up an appointment with you to establish your eligibility for marriage in the Catholic Church. Fr. Marc will confer with you regarding fees and other matters. When you have completed the packet of information, you will select your wedding date according to the parish availability.


Then you will attend a workshop given by the Wedding Coordinator, Peggy Thompson. The workshops are held in the Church Library, inside the church, usually on the second Tuesday of the month, from 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM. There is no fee for this workshop and no registration for this class. Select a Tuesday best for you and come to the church. (Check the Parish bulletin for exact dates) You will be given a book of biblical readings appropriate for weddings, a booklet of parish rules for weddings and a checklist of choices to complete to design your personal wedding liturgy. Upon completion of the checklist items, you can call the Wedding Coordinator for an appointment and complete the final Liturgy Plan for your wedding service. Your Rehearsal Date and time will be set according to your wedding date.


Please allow at least 6 months for these preparations. You will need to be registered and active in the Parish for these 6 months.

You may procure your Marriage License at the Marriage License Bureau, (3rd and Louis Streets, Las Vegas) and it is valid for a year from purchase.

Holy Orders & Religious Life

Those discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life should contact Fr. Ron Zanoni, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Las Vegas, 702.735.6044, for further direction.

Reconciliation (Confession)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated every Tuesday at 5:00 PM and Saturday at 8:30 AM.
Our confessional is located inside the church.

Preparation for First Reconciliation is offered within the preparation process for First Eucharist.  Please contact Kris Mulligan at 702.304.3002 for more information.
Anointing of the Sick

Please call the Parish Office, 702.363.1902, to request the sacrament of the sick for yourself or a loved one with their permission.

Please note that the Anointing of the Sick is reserved for those who are seriously ill.  A good guideline is to receive the sacrament when diagnosed with an illness by a doctor.

Mass with the Anointing of the Sick is offered on the third Tuesday of most months at 6:00 PM.