Funeral Planning

Funerals at St. Joseph, Husband of Mary are beautiful, reverent celebrations of life. 

To better assist you in planning for a loved one's funeral, please observe the following procedures:

1.  When someone dies the Funeral Home should be contacted first.
2.  The coordinator from the Funeral Home will work with your family to complete all the  necessary paperwork and set a time line for the funeral.
3.  Contact Greg Sinclair, Pastoral Associate, to schedule the Funeral Mass. 702.304.3028
4.  Meet with Greg Sinclair to choose the readings and music for the Funeral Mass.

At the planning meeting you will be asked to share some information about your loved one (hobbies, interests, etc.), choose the First and Second Readings, and make the music selections.  This meeting usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour.  


The Code of Cannon Law does allow for cremation.

The Catholic Church prefers that the full body be present in the church for the funeral liturgy and the cremation follow afterward, but cremated remains are allowed in the church for the full funeral liturgy.

All cremated remains are to be kept together and either buried in a grave, entombed in a columbarium, or deposited in the sea. 

More information on the Church's teaching on cremation can be found by clicking on the link to the right.

Click on the Catholic Update above to read more about the Catholic Church and cremation.