For Parents
Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is essential to the spiritual formation of a child.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops state that, "The parents are the primary educators in the faith of their children."  You are encouraged to become involved in your child's faith growth in the following ways:

1.  Attend Mass together regularly.

2.  Spend time with your children during the week exploring Scripture and the material from their weekly sessions.

3.  Speak with your child's catechist and know what they are learning.

4.  Learn the name of your child's catechist and know what class your child attends.

5.  Teach your children our traditional prayers by praying together.

Class Attendance

We schedule approximately 30 classes for the year and attendance is mandatory.

Parents will need to submit a "Doctor's Excuse" if their child is absent for three (3) consecutive weeks.  Without a "Doctor's Excuse" the child will be withdrawn from the program.

If a child has a total of five (5) or more absences, parents will need to schedule a conference with the catechist and the Director of Religious Education.

It is the parent's responsibility to get the missed assignments from the catechist.  Students are responsible for completing the work and returning it to their catechist.

Parents need to "sign in" and "sign out" their children when bringing and picking them up from class.

Only children who are registered in our program will be allowed to attend class.

Parent Meetings

Parents/Guardians are expected to attend certain meetings throughout the year.


Should a problem arise during the year, parents are encouraged to first speak to their child's catechist before or after class.  It is equally important to maintain open communication concerning your child's achievements and success, not only problems.